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Compliance and Ethics

We take pride in following the highest levels of ethics and integrity standards in all elements of our business. We are committed to excellence whilst having zero tolerance towards any non-compliance with applicable laws and our code of conduct.

DTA Crew

Staff Welfare

We believe that the most important asset of any business is its people. It is the people that drive the business forward and allow it to develop into something great. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all our staff are safe, comfortable and motivated, and that they view DTA as the ‘Employer of Choice’ due to its learning and career development opportunities.


Maintaining a strong Health, Safety, Security and Environmental policy with strong supporting procedures is a core element of the foundation of DTA. We believe that following a solid HSSE policy is not only required to live up to our own standards or to meet client’s requirements, but is in fact something that we must prioritize above profitability and growth.


Commitment to Excellence

To be successful in this industry, we believe it is important to constantly be at the forefront of innovation and to maintain excellence in every element of our business practice.

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