Code of Business Conduct


DTA Maritime LLC ( Hereafter referred as “DTA” or DTA Group” ) is committed to complying with the laws and regulations of the countries in which its businesses operate and acting in an ethical manner, consistent with the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect.

DTA Code of Business Conduct (“Code”) expresses the highest standards of business integrity that we require from our companies and employees worldwide and also from our trade partners, commercial agents, subcontractors, brokers, and vessel charterers and with whosoever we enter in to business relationship and their respective employees.

Main objectives:

  • To uphold the reputation and prominence of DTA as a brand which is considered fundamental to its ability to attract and retain valued customers and team members;
  • To retain DTA’s reputation through commitment to quality service and willingness to go the extra mile;
  • To provide for the team members an environment that is built on respect, integrity, accountability and transparency;
  • To provide for the team members clear guidance on and benchmarks for appropriate professional and ethical behaviour;
  • To provide for team members a healthy and safe working environment both at work or be it on board our vessels;
  • To create an awareness in the management and team members regarding their respective responsibilities and also consequences of breach, if any;
  • To develop long term commitments and business relationship with its customers and suppliers through honest and highest quality of service/s;
  • To comply with applicable rules and regulations at the national and international level.

Corporate Ethics:

  • DTA Group respects and abides by the laws of the countries in which it operates and remains fully committed to comply with all the laws and regulations;
  • DTA team members conduct business in full understanding of, and in compliance with, DTA policies and rules and regulations applicable covering corruption, bribery, money laundering, whistleblowing and trade sanctions at the national and international level;
  • DTA supports the honest efforts of all team members to improve themselves and make provision for training and professional development to ensure members are appropriately equipped for the jobs assigned to them; .
  • The DTA Group respects the rights and cultural practices of people in the countries in which it operates;
  • The DTA Group provides a work environment free of discrimination and harassment based on age, ancestry, colour, marital status, medical condition, mental disability, physical disability, national origin, race, religion or sex;
  • The DTA Group is against all forms of slavery including servitude, forced labour, human trafficking and child labour.

DTA Customers:

DTA Customers including but not limited to suppliers, sub-contractors, trade partners, vessels charterers, brokers, agents and their respective employees, who deal with DTA can expect all DTA team members:

  • To meet their needs and expectations on a timely manner;
  • To deal honestly with them and not to involve or engage in any mischievous act or conduct;
  • To work to create enduring and positive relationships with them;
  • To not to use their standing as employees of DTA to derive a private business advantage for themselves, any associate or family member nor engage in any other activity which constitutes a conflict of interest between their private and professional roles.

Occupational health and safety:

  • DTA is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for team members both at work, be it on board our vessels, while boarding ships and at work related events. All appropriate laws and internal policies (including occupational health and safety laws) should be fully complied with;
  • Misusing controlled substances or alcohol or selling, manufacturing, distributing, possessing, using or being under its influence at the workplace or at company sponsored functions will not be tolerated;
  • All DTA team members are required to comply with Safety and Health policies and processes at all times to protect their own health and that of others, including our customers, from potential hazards.
  • DTA team members should follow any lawful and reasonable instructions consistent with that policy and those procedures. If any unsafe acts are identified, every member of the team is responsible to report the hazard so as to minimise any potential risk.


DTA is committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner and identifying environmental risks that may arise out of its operations. If a team member is aware of, or suspects an action that is not environmentally responsible and/or in breach of the applicable laws and regulations, the matter must be reported to the person in charge with immediate effect.

  • DTA is committed to creating a healthy and safe working environment for all who undertake work for DTA;
  • DTA employees are expected to recognise the importance of contributing to the well-being and development of the communities in which they work;
  • DTA has a continuous commitment to the welfare and protection of the environment.

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