Drug and Alcohol Policy Statement

The company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy is in line with OCIMF “Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol on board Ships” as well as STCW requirements.

  • The possession or usage of illegal drugs or substances and alcohol is strictly prohibited on-board company vessels. It is a serious offence, and grounds for employment termination, for any employee on-board to be found using or in possession of any illegal drug and alcohol.
  • At no time should the Master, Officers, crew members or visitors on board is allowed to perform duty under the effect of drug or alcohol. Being unfit for work due to the usage of drugs or alcohol can lead to termination of employment.
  • Misuse of prescription drug is prohibited. Personnel on prescribed drugs must declare this fact to the Master upon joining the vessel or upon prescription, if prescribed during the period of service on-board.
  • Crew shall be screened for drugs prior to joining the vessel and subject to random unannounced drug and alcohol testing not exceeding six months, at the discretion of the Company and the Master.
  • The company reserve the right to require any employee on-board to undergo test for drug and alcohol test at any time during the period of employment.

In order to enforce the Policy, the Company has taken the following measures:

  • This policy is monitored on board all vessels by the Master, and is applicable to shipboard personnel, superintendents, contractors and other third parties visiting on-board.
  • Master shall ensure compliance with the Port State’s requirements on drug and alcohol control, and shall fully co-operate with the authorities regarding search and testing of drug and alcohol.
  • At the Master’s discretion, check may be carried out for any crewmember’s fitness for duty upon returning on-board after consuming alcohol elsewhere. Crewmembers shall not be permitted to assume watch keeping duties unless (1) they comply with 4 hours of abstinence after consumption of alcohol and (2) their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is within 40mg/100ml (0.04% shown in Alco meter), which is the maximum permitted level.

It is therefore reminded to all seafarers that adherence to this Policy is considered as a term of employment.

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