Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

Reference: ISM Code Clause 2 – Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

The company is committed to achieve the highest Safety Management Standards throughout the organization and help to protect the environment in the area of operation.

Safety management objectives of the Company are:

The high standards of safety and pollution prevention shall be achieved by operating a Safety Management System which meets the requirements of ISM Code IMO Res. A 741 (18), as amended, which sets the Safety Management standards for the organization with the objective of ensuring safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the marine environment and to ship or property.

The company recognizes the importance of the evolvement and commitment of top management in the implementation of the policy.

The company achieves its objective with regard to safety and environmental protection by means of the following:

Compliance with the policy and Safety Management System is mandatory for all staff involved with the Safety Management System. Safety and pollution prevention is everybody’s responsibility. All shore and sea staff are instructed to adhere to this policy and the requirements of the Safety Management procedures and instructions.

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