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Marine Services

Logistics Services

Technical Services

Technological Solutions

Our Services

   Full Agency

   Husbandry Calls


   Crew Wage Disbursement

   Port Captaincy/Marine Superintendency

   Technical Superintendence / Dry Docking

   Logistics Support

   Own fleet of launch vessels

   Port Agency


   Documentation Services

   Full Liner Agency

   Service Centers

   Single Point of Remittance

   Centralized DA processing

•  On-Signing/Off-Signing

•  Integrated Crew Logistics

  Spare Part Logistics

 Cargo Surveys

 Hull & Machinery

 P&I Correspondents

 On-Hire / Off-Hire Surveys

 Bunker ROB Surveys

 Pre-purchase Surveys

 ISM / ISPS Audits

 3rd Party Inspections

 Technical and Operational Management

•  Crew Management

•  Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manual Preparations

•  Vessel Accounting

•  Global Procurement Services

•  ISM/ISPS Manual Preparation

•  Lay-up Management

•  New-building Supervision

•  Dry-Docking

•  Worldwide Green Recycling of Vessels

 In-house Maintenance Facility

 Spare Parts Stocking for all Types of Marine Engines

• Stores

• Supplies and Provisions

• Spare Parts

  Spare Part Logistics

  Freight Forwarding

  3rd Party Logistics

  Project Logistics

Customer EDI to Operating System

•  Ports

•  Weather

•  Cargo Flows

•  Competitive Information

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